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Xenokai oDay and night shots of Akomo and my houses in Viking Bay
Xenokai o  uploaded 2 images to ARK
Xenokai oi'll just leave this here....lol [link]
Ben and Ed - Blood Party on Steam
Welcome to the Blood Party! Play together with up to 4 people and compete in deadly game shows. Customize your zombie, build your own levels, share them via Steam Workshop and die ...
Xenokai oupdated server list, switched second ark to minecraft and will just rotate maps in ark whenever we want.
Xenokai ooohh....the new graphic pack for minecraft has me going OOOHHHHH lol....never tried it
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Xenokai oHey Akomo.......
Xenokai o  [link] for those interested
Akomo Exocron o  IKR!
Foofie oGL  added 90 Advanced days to FORCE Disciples
Xenokai oSee Akomo....thats a shark under the Leed.....THEY ARE FREAKING HUGE!!! lol
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Foofie oGLBattlefront II Closed Alpha today.. Since I am such a fanboi, I pre-ordered and will try it out today!
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Xenokai o  awesome
Xenokai o  so....how was it? lol
Xenokai o  uploaded 3 images to ARK
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